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Our beers are all handmade, produced in high fermentation and not pasteurized. All beers born from the imagination and experience of the Master Brewer Fabrizio Di Rado, using products from our fields where we grow hops and grains. We chose a "mascot" decidedly rural: the Owl! And in his honor we chose to baptize four beers with as different names of owl species: Noctua, Odiosa, Glaux and Brama. Demetra, the newest beer, has a different story and a bit special also. 'Demetra' for the ancients was the goddess of the harvest and fertility, female symbol of light and earth. that's why we chose to dedicate her our new Tuscan craft beer produced from local highest quality ingredients carefully cultivated with passion in our fields. A seasonal beer, the result of years of hard work and commitment, which encloses the heart of Tuscany. Our first 'local' beer.

Belgian Ale

Wheat Beer

Amber Belgian Ale

Amber Wheat Beer